Round up for the summer

A huge thank you to everyone who attended Where do you think you’re going…? on Thursday 25th June and helped to make it such a great success.

We had an incredible response, not only from speakers and delegates but also in the blogging and tweeting world, and although we were confident that we had brought together the right people together to discuss the challenges of digital transport, the feedback has been very rewarding for all those involved in the organisation. If you have any further comments please feel free to fill out this questionnaire (even if you didn’t attend!).
Special thanks to Justin Souter, Graham Jordan and to our 16 speakers for all their efforts, and to Hoults Yard for hosting us in such style.
Digital Transport is now on vacation but activities will resume as part of the Digital Economy Hub, SIDE, which will be launched in the Autumn.
Thanks again!

Nick Illsley: Feedback from WDYTYG

Even an analogue person like me can be fascinated by the new multi-channel, user-generated, community-based, digital world that is appearing all around. The session prompted far more questions than answers for me (which is great) and on my return to the office I asked my team to think about how we should use Twitter, Social Networking and User-generated content to chart a course for TD into the brave new world!

In addition I made lots of new contacts and discussed a number of exiting collaborations, if just one comes off it will repay my time in Newcastle ten-fold.

Social Media et al.

A round-up post after the recent events.

Social Media

This is my original post about where to publish videos & photos, twitter hashtags and the like.


Thank you to all those who have already posted your ideas to our space on UserVoice. Please keep them coming! However, we need to provide better support / prompting with this tool :$.

Graham Jordan’s presentation & photos


Please see this link for Graham’s photos of the event.


My thoughts / feedback

Please see this post on my own blog

Other links

Please leave a comment here to we know what we’ve missed!

Many thanks, and hope to be in contact again soon. 😀

Pickard’s Postings

Jack Pickard has blogged about ‘Where do you thing you’re going’….you can see his write ups at….

A Huge Post-Event Thank You!

Well, that was one really great day – we enjoyed it and we really hope you enjoyed it too, whether you were there physically or virtually, and found it an exciting, different, innovative and thought-provoking event!

Mega-mega-thanks to all of you who attended, who presented, who provided demonstrations, who blogged, tweeted, or commented on proceedings, those who moved tables, chairs, stands, food’n’drink, boats(!), those who distributed labels, made badges, put up directional signs and a lot, lot more.

Your contributions will prove invaluable to the final SIMM report and will help shape the future of Digital Transport for a Digital Britain. Hopefully we all are a bit more clearer as to ‘where we are going…’ now!

The WDYTYG team

WDYTYG Session 4 – Pre-aperitif Discussion

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WDYTYG Session 3 – Responses to Session 2

Three sections to this updated post:

  • Session Agenda
  • Presentations
  • Replay of Live blog

Session Agenda

  • 15:00:   Session 3 – Responses to Session 2
    • Privacy and identity – Conn Crawford, Sunderland City Council
    • Transport Futures – Mick Pierson, Central Government (IT and Transport)
    • Open discussion – all attendees


Not sure if either Conn nor Mick had a presentation…

Live Blog

For information about live blogging, please see this post.

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