Please post your ideas here!

This post explains how we are experimenting with UserVoice to capture your ideas and feedback.

What is UserVoice?

In the words of the website Mashable:

20 word description: UserVoice helps companies, bloggers and community leaders answer the question “What do users really want?”

CEO’s 100 word description: UserVoice is a way to harness the innovation and ideas of customers and potential customers. It’s a way to improve the signal-to-noise of user opinion, and to moderate the ideas of one against the opinions of the many. It’s Satisfaction meets Digg. It’s focus groups for companies that can’t afford focus groups.

End users will see UserVoice as the best channel for customer feedback to any company. They will rely on UserVoice to voice opinions, suggestions, and complaints, because UserVoice will be more accessible and effective (through transparency and strength in numbers) than the official site.

In short:

Uservoice communities are the easiest way to turn customer feedback into action:

  • Share ideas
  • Vote up the best
  • Respond, implement & repeat!

Your ideas

We would love you to submit your ideas. Please go to the site & either use the “I suggest you…” box to submit your idea, or else vote on the ideas that are there.

At present, we’ve only got the default ones, so ‘answers on a postcard’ whenever you like – thank you!


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