Speaker James Burke – Digital Economy: Web2.0 to Webx.0 – the journey so far…

James is speaking in the morning session – here’s the area he plans to speak on. More speaker thoughts to follow. Tell us what you think!

The Internet has evolved in the last 20 years from a network connecting people to a bigger network connecting more people, but has something more significant happened during this expansion? The rise of Web2.0 over recent years has led to a sense that this Internet “machine is us/ing us”. Wikinomics and the principles of openness, sharing, peering and collaboration has created new business models, many of which being influenced by the Open Source and Creative Commons movements that have changed how we view, protect and exploit our intellectual property. As a result a “new” economy of reputation, social capital and “whuffie” has emerged but “where do you think you are going…?” in this journey over the next 20 years or so…?


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