Digital Transport conference Social Media set-up

Hello everyone

I’m publishing this to help manage expectations in relation to any user-generated content you might like to publish in relation to Thursday’s event.

These are my thoughts, but your feedback is very welcome.


  1. Please could you use the hashtag #wdytyg, and start using this hashtag in relation to the conference from now on? Thanks.
  2. We’ll try to monitor this during the day to get your feedback & questions for speakers


  1. Suggested platform is YouTube, and the account is this
  2. Please also consider adding your video to the Digital Transport group.
  3. Tag your video with ‘wdytyg’ plz


  1. I’d like to propose Flickr as the photo platform
  2. I’ve created the account Digital Transport
  3. And the Flickr Group
    1. It would be great if you could add your photos to this 😀
  4. Tag your photies with ‘wdytyg’ plz


  1. Tag with ‘wdytyg’ plz

Cover It Live

  1. I intend to be use Cover It Live on this blog to record the sessions
  2. But if you would like to interact with the live coverage on the day, please check out this blog post, from which you’ll be able to use the CIL tool.
    1. Each session should be a separate post.

Podcasts etc.

  1. I don’t really know of a podcast platform, but please tag with ‘wdytyg’ if you do create one 😉


  1. I’m told there will be wireless broadband available, although I’m not sure of the setup.

Anything I’ve missed?

  1. Please check out User Voice. I should have thought we will publish the presentations via Slideshare
  2. Power sockets
    1. I need to ask about this, so you can recharge etc.

p.s. apologies for any wonky formatting… :$


2 Responses

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