Questions for the Ana’Blog…

We’ve been having a think about what questions need to be answered when we’re using the Ana’blog during the day and have come up with the following:

– Transport Now

What are the big challenges we currently face in transport?

What are the key priorities for transport in the North East?

 – Enabling Technologies

What are the tools available now? – What can be used/what’s missing?

How do we cater for the analogue users? Can we in a digital world/ how do we avoid excluding people?

 – Black box

How will digital transport meet the key challenges of congestion, climate change, and energy use?

What are the big challenges in creating digital transport? e.g. Privacy and Trust

What are the key drivers and technologies needed for digital transport?

Does Digital Transport need to be coordinated or allowed to grow organically?

 – Future Transport

How will digital transport contribute to the digital economy?

What will digital transport look like?

Will we travel at all?

How/where will we live and work?

 What have we missed? – post your questions and/or answers and we will add them to the Anablog on the day.


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