WDYTYG Session 2 – Building Blocks of the Digital Economy

Three sections to this updated post:

  • Session Agenda
  • Presentations
  • Replay of Live blog

Session Agenda

  • 13:15:   Session 2 – Building Blocks of the Digital Economy, Chair – Jennie Borg, Detica
  • This has been divided into 3 broad sessions, each speaker has 5 minutes to stun the audience, following which the audience can fire questions back.
    • Block 1: “Geet loadsa data” (Managing large datasets)
      • Changing the Transport Datascape – John Polak, Imperial College London
      • Transport Observatory – Margaret Bell, Newcastle University
    • Block 2: “Dee it yersel’ ” (User Generated Content)
      • Word of Mouth Influences – Caroline Bartle, UWE
      • Maintaining Commercial Reputation Online – Helen Mathews, Nexus
      • Social Media – Mike Parker, Orangebus
    • Block 3: “Whorr we Gannin’?!” (Pedestrian Localisation, Navigation and Tracking)
      • Indoor/Outdoor navigation – Chris Kray, Culture Lab, Newcastle University
      • Vulnerable user tracking – Ray Sherrington, Digital Challenge, Sunderland City Council
  • 14:30:   Highlights of activities on digital and analogue blogs


Helen Matthews

Mike Parker

Chris Kray

Live Blog

For information about live blogging, please see this post.

To replay my live blog, please Click Here


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