WDYTYG Session 1 – Directions of Travel

Three sections to this updated post:

  • Session Agenda
  • Presentations
  • Replay of Live blog

Session Agenda

  • 10:30:   Housekeeping – Hannah Bryan, Newcastle University
  • 10:35:   Welcome to Hoults Yard – Charlie Hoult
  • 10:40:   Introduction to the day – Phil Blythe, Newcastle University
  • 10:45:   Introduction to SIMM – John Polak, Imperial College London
  • 10:50: Live Blog and Tweets during the event – Justin Souter, Souter Consultancy
  • 10:55:   Session 1 – Directions of Travel, Chair – Eric Sampson, ITS (UK)
    • Digital Transport – Nick Illsley, Chief Executive, Transport Direct
    • Digital Economy – James Burke, lovle Ltd
    • How far can you go? The Twitch-Hiker’s tale – Paul Smith
  • 11:55:   Open debate on Session 1
  • 12:25:   First review of activities on digital and analogue blogs


Justin Souter

Nick Illsley

James Burke

Live Blog

For information about live blogging, please see this post.

To replay my live blog, please Click Here


3 Responses

  1. Good point from Nick on the need for digital transport in urban areas.

    He is an analogue – not a Hannahlogue.

    Random thoughts – all in favour of those.

  2. Good point about devolution of power to the local region.

    What will digital devolution mean for regional transport. Would that be the end of a National Transport Directs?

    Nick suggests nation states are not needed in a digital age. What would happen to civil servants?

  3. […] thought James was right on the money with this presentation, which probably isn’t as good as it was in the flesh: 2. James Burke, Lovle ltd – Digital Economy View more presentations from […]

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